Real Life

It’s Real Life Out Here

This blog is about some personal things but also just some observations. Life can bring on many challenges on it’s own through the mundane movements many mere mortals mimic mostly everyday. Sprinkled in with the shaken spice of something different. If you have lived life and continue to live it, one conclusion you’re bound to come to is, “It’s real life out here.”

What I mean is there are so many different people in the world that are dealing with many different things. Everybody has a story.  As long as there are people on this earth, everyone has a story.  That’s why there are so many best-selling authors with stories of struggle and triumph. Who doesn’t love a success story? The attempt to have a simplistic existence can be chocked full of anecdotal evidence and here’s a bit to start.

To have your life and live it as freely as you want to be is one of the most natural pursuits in life. When you’re wrangled by any of the seven deadly sins, it can make the journey of life seem like a Charlotte’s web. Drug addiction can weave such a tangled web. Drugs are one of many challenges and addictions people wrangle with on a daily basis. I happen to know someone dealing with a drug addiction and I must say that I never thought I would be so close to someone who would have such a problem.

I think we all have some sort of an addiction, vice or ‘thing’ that we like or have a love hate relationship with. Whether it’s bonbons, soda, working out, dieting, shopping, cooking or Facebooking, we all have that ‘thing.’ The general consensus seems to be that if you can exhibit some level of self-control over your ‘thing’ then it doesn’t pose any concern. When it controls the way you think, feel or act then it’s an addiction. Which brings me back to my original statement, “It’s real life out here.”

The person I know has registered some hours at Pen University and graduated earlier this month after two years in the program. With some recent events, it seems as though they want to go back and get another degree. In this world economic depression, there are people struggling to make ends meet. Experienced workers/professionals who are losing jobs, 401k’s, changing careers, going back to school, opening up businesses and even going bankrupt. It’s real life out here.

I have no problem or issue with anyone trying to make a living or getting ahead in life. As Jay-Z says, “You can’t knock the hustle.” I don’t want to nor would I. When you have members of your group that have a history of doing the same thing over and over, then that’s the time to realize that either you or they need help. This is the time to come to that jarring realization that you can’t save them or help those who don’t want to help themselves. If you want it more than they do then they’re going to find themselves right back in the same situation. If someone is out on the field of life championing your cause but you’re sitting on the sidelines, then there’s something wrong with that. You’ve got to want it. Saying you want it isn’t enough. You must at least put forth a valiant effort to change to at least give yourself any chance of succeeding. In order to do so, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and go down a different road.

In the midst of our personal issues I think we forget that there are people in a struggle everyday to survive; dying, living with disease, illness and many other things. I have no time and energy for those that take away from my life; my daily grind to exist. I don’t mean that to sound callous or uncaring. I have enough problems in my own life just trying to live day to day, than to give my energy to something or someone who isn’t even in the same headspace. It’s real life out here.

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